New collaboration with BeBright


posted on 08.09.2014 by ICODA

Our new partner, BeBright, is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. BeBright is a consulting firm that supports its clients within the healthcare industry on strategy, innovation and policymaking issues. The cooperation with ICODA European Affairs enables BeBright to provide their client base access to European health care networks and health care portfolios.

In 2007, trend watcher and entrepreneur Philip J. Idenburg founded this agency as a response to the need of health care organizations to push the boundaries of innovation in new markets, new strategy, new marketing, and new products and services. BeBright is initiator of the Diagnosis program: a collaborative-learning and -innovation network that initiates and facilitates the dialogue about the future of healthcare. The program translates insights into an innovation-agenda on challenging healthcare issues like cardiovascular decease, cancer, COPD, diabetes and elderly care challenges like Alzheimer. In the past five years thousands of Dutch healthcare professionals, patients, policymakers, insurance-companies and industry have participated in initiating change and innovation in order to find future proof solutions for the rising healthcare costs.

Currently BeBright has a passionate team of consultants and creatives, all connected by their shared higher goal: strengthening the vitality of the health care sector by accelerating innovation. Our customers value our approach, which is a combination of in-depth industry knowledge, hands-on experience and bright process interventions to enhance change.

Publications: Oog voor de toekomst (2005), Diagnose 2025: over de toekomst van de Nederlandse gezondheidszorg (2010), De toekomst op de agenda (2011), Diagnose Diabetes (2012), Diagnose Zorginnovatie: over technologie en ondernemerschap (2013), Sociaal wonen: de toekomst van sociale huisvesting in Nederland (2013).

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