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posted on 07.09.2015 by ICODA

Welcome to our partnership ICODA European Affairs, a consolidation of inquiring minds and passionate people giving a voice and shape to the interests of our clients. We are here to be your stronghold in Brussels.

Founded in Brussels in 1991 with our office located just a stone’s throw from the European institutions, placing us at the heart of European decision-making. Our partners operate independently, but share experiences, knowledge and resources to come together and offer a unique and personal approach. This distinctive combination of strengths can be tailored to any of our client’s needs, enabling us to best support their European interests.

Our multilingual team has expertise in many sectors, but lately especially in the financial sector, and trained in a variety of disciplines. This ensures dynamism in an integrated approach. We have been offering our clients first-hand knowledge and insights in EU decision-making, EU legislation and EU policy for more than two decades.

Because of our individually tailored and flexible working model there is a direct line of communication to one of our senior partners at all times. Our clients are valued and supported with a series of services to aid in their understanding and shaping of Europe. Our experts combine extensive knowledge of the EU decision-making process with practical experience and a dose of common sense.

Please meet our ICODA Europan Affairs Team