Free Masterclass EU subsidies for Health Sector

posted by ICODA on 26.10.2016 in Newsletter  | Comments Off on Free Masterclass EU subsidies for Health Sector

ICODA European Affairs organises on 10 January the Masterclass ‘European funding for the Health Sector’. This Masterclass will enable you to understand European funding and explains how to apply for EU subsidies. It provides an overview of the health subsidy programs running from 2017 to 2020. It will also explain the EU decision-making process and how to influence it. Furthermore, it provides insight on how to write a winning proposal.

Anno 2016, many companies, research institutions and government agencies in the health sector found their way to Brussels. They participate in innovative international consortia funded with European money. However, many regional research centers, umbrella organisations, local authorities and businesses (especially SMEs) are not fully benefitting from European subsidies.  It is for this group that we organise this masterclass in Utrecht.

After the Masterclass you have:

  • – An overview of European Programs for the Health Sector
  • – Monitoring skills for EU subsidies
  • – Tips & tricks for consortium building
  • – Insight into the EU decision-making process
  • – An overview of key health decision makers in Brussels
  • – Understanding of the implications for your own organisation
  • – Lobby skills to increase your chances

For more information please contact Lodewijk Buschkens: buschkens@icoda.eu