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Now available: New Solvency II law book

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(Also available in e-book format)

Since 2016, EEA insurance and reinsurance undertakings are subject to the new Solvency II framework. This is by far the most important and most innovative revision and renewal of the European insurance legislation.

Solvency II assures that insurers and reinsurers better understand the risks they underwrite and invest in, harmonizing and reinforcing the capital requirements as well as the governance and reporting demands.

The Solvency II legislation is composed of several layers: a framework directive, delegated and implementing regulations and guidelines. Lieve Lowet, partner of ICODA European Affairs and Solvency II expert, has just finished compiling these layers in a new edition.

Burkhard Balz, Member of the European Parliament, states in the preface that “Solvency II is not the work of anonymous Brussels. The Solvency II framework was extensively consulted and debated”. As rapporteur in charge, he said, he is especially proud to observe that substantial demands of the European Parliament have been met”. He also points to the recent introduction of an infrastructure asset class and the need for “permanent evaluation, with a view to ensure effectiveness and proportionality”. He concludes hoping that the stakeholders will make good use of this “single rulebook”.

This May 2016 edition updates the 2014 edition and contains the coordinated Solvency II directive, the coordinated delegated regulation, all implementing regulations, delegated decisions, and EIOPA guidelines. The EIOPA regulation (also coordinated) is added as bonus material. This 2016 book is available in a light weight paper version as well as in an e-book format. It totals more than 900 pages.

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