ICODA’s partner Lowet alongside China’s insurance supervisor CIRC

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AIM, the international mutual association, which counts among its members health insurers,  asked Lieve Lowet to explain the international importance of IAIS for the insurance regulatory scene. She highlighted the role of IAIS and why it mattered to AIM. Lowet commented also on recent IAIS initiatives relevant for AIM and its members.

As example of a recent international development, Mr Liang Liang, director at the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), explained the mutual insurance pilots China is currently engaged in. More than 30 applications were received since the new regulatory framework was created. Many Chinese need affordable insurance, he underlined. Three new mutual insurance licenses were given, two in non-life insurance and one in life insurance.  These new ventures are supervised very carefully, the Chinese supervisor wants the new insurers to be small in size but very professional.

The AIM international conference on 25 November 2016 was attended by more than 100 people with participants from Europe, Africa, and Latin America,

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  • * Photo courtesy of Amelie Laurin