Linda van Goor

Linda van Goor joins ICODA European Affairs

posted by ICODA on 01.03.2016 in News  | Comments Off on Linda van Goor joins ICODA European Affairs

Linda van Goor recently joined ICODA. She enriches the spectrum of expertise and experience represented in ICODA, especially with respect to the financial sector.

Linda has been working with Europe’s financial sector since 1991. She started her career as an academic professor in corporate finance. After obtaining her PhD in financial history she became a policy advisor for the Dutch banking industry in European Affairs. In 2004, she chose to join the Dutch prudential supervisor and contributed to the European dialogue on supervision of financial conglomerates. During this time, she worked closely with both European and non-European colleagues in the Brussels and Basel platforms. For six years during the financial crisis, starting in August 2007, Linda worked in Brussels at the European Commission. There, she reviewed and drafted legislation regarding European supervision of complex financial groups, contributing to improve the soundness and stability of the financial system in Europe. In this capacity she also represented the European Commission in the relevant Basel platforms. Due to her background as an academic professor, she is passionate about educating and training people to better understand the dynamics of the European idea. In addition, she would like to make everyone more aware of the need for more collaboration and an integrated legislative framework for integrated markets in a diverse landscape – united in diversity.

Currently active as an independent consultant, supporting especially the smaller, alternative actors in the financial sector, she enjoys being part of the ICODA-team in Brussels, sharing the challenge of European assignments and of course the joy over the results of those joined efforts.