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New Associate Partner

posted by ICODA on 19.04.2017 in News  | Comments Off on New Associate Partner

As of April 1st, 2017, Eske (Esther) van Egerschot-Montoya Martinez has joined our ICODA European Affairs team as our new associate partner.

Van Egerschot, lawyer and former Member of the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, strengthens ICODA’s bridge function between the political arenas in Brussels and The Hague, focusing on business and financial services. Van Egerschot gained her Public Affairs experience in the Hague, Brussels, Washington, New York and Colombia.

Note by editor
Contact person ICODA European Affairs: Lodewijk Buschkens, tel. +32 497 445 394
Eske van Egerschot, tel. +31 6 8189 1313