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Lodewijk Buschkens

posted on 01.03.2016 by ICODA

Lodewijk, one of our founding partners, has been active as an European Affairs consultant since 1995 in Brussels. He started out his career as consultant on EU trade and commercial diplomacy for the governments of Thailand and Indonesia. In this role he gave seminars in Asia on the introduction of the euro and the export of certain Thai commodities such as canned tuna, shrimp and tapioca to the EU.

Lodewijk mainly focuses on the Dutch market and has helped many organizations from his native country with monitoring EU-developments, identifying threats & opportunities arising from EU-legislation, formulating their lobby strategy and developing business with the EU-institutions. Over the years Lodewijk has specialized himself in EU-health issues.

Lodewijk Buschkens studied economic history and international law at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, where he obtained his Masters Degree.  Lodewijk is married and has two sons and two daughters.

Linkedin:  Lodewijk’s profile on Linkedin