Rinus van Schendelen

posted on 11.09.2015 by ICODA

In addition to being external advisor to ICODA European Affairs, Rinus van Schendelen is professor in political science at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  He is a leading scholar in the field of European public affairs and puts theory into practice at Bureau Brussels.  His recent book “More Machiavelli in Brussels, the Art of Lobbying the EU” is widely regarded as an outstanding manual for European public affairs management.  In addition to his academic activities Rinus has extensive experience training companies, NGOs, trade associations and governments in this field. Some of his former clients include Glaxo, 3M, Philips, Shell and Siemens and ministries in China, Finland, Hungary, Oman and the Netherlands.

Combining scholarship with practice, Rinus applies rigorous methodology to achieve tangible lobby results in the complex European political landscape.  Research activities are mainly in the fields of the European Union, politics-business relationships, business lobbying, public affairs, parliamentology, Dutch politics, and mass-elite relationship.

Academic activities: Editorial board member of German Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, International Review on Comparative Public Policy, Journal of Legislative Studies and Journal of Public Affairs. Founding chairman of the Research Committee of the European Center for Public Affairs, Oxford. Member of many research networks (IPSA, ECPR, ECPA and others).

Professional activities: are mainly in the field of training, consultancy and research regarding Public Affairs Management and Lobbying at the European Union level for companies, trade associations, NGOs, regional and national governments, both domestic and foreign, such as the MNCs Glaxo, 3M, Philips, Shell and Siemens and ministries in China, Finland, Hungary, Oman and NL.

Articles: (almost 200) published in many books and journals as Zeitschrift für Parla­mentsfragen, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Acta Politica, International Journal of Political Eduction, Contemporary Crises, Political Behavior, European Journal of Political Research, Canadian Journal of European Integration, Politikon, Political Science Reviewer, Political Methodology, Namens, Chinese ‘Political Science Abroad’, PS, European Affairs, Europaforum, European Law Review, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of Legislative Studies.

Books: (more than 30), including (with R.J. Jackson) The Politicization of Business in Western Europe, Croom Helm/Routledge, London, 1987, reprint 1990; National Public and Private EC Lobbying, Dartmouth, Aldershot, 1993, reprint 1994; (with R. Pedler)Lobbying the European Union, Dartmouth, Aldershot, 1994, reprints 1995, 1997; EU Committees as Influential Policymakers, Ashgate, Aldershot, 1998;Machiavelli in Brussels: the Art of Lobbying the EU, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, 2002; (with R. Scully), The Unseen Hand: Unelected EU Legislators, Frank Cass, London, 2003. Others are Dutch language books on themes mentioned above.