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The ‘EU Scan’ of ICODA and BeBright

posted by ICODA on 30.05.2016 in News  | Comments Off on The ‘EU Scan’ of ICODA and BeBright

The impact of European policy on organisations is ever increasing. This makes knowledge of and being present in Brussels essential. BeBright, consultant for innovative health solutions, and ICODA started a partnership to provide organisations access to European networks, legislative dossiers and subsidies.

Together ICODA and BeBright developed four EU-products, which connects clients to the sources of information, knowledge, financial resources and relations to be found in Brussels. Our EU-scan is a first step to explore the impact of the EU on your organisation or undertaking. We compare your business with the legislative initiatives from the European institutions, which provides insight in the opportunities and treats in and from Brussels for your sector.

The EU Scan also helps to identify sources of knowledge and to detect interesting networks for your organisation. It is a short but powerful inventory and advice which you will receive within one week. The EU scan gives you, as manager or director, insight in the consequences of EU policy for your organisation, and enables you to timely respond to opportunities and treats.

If the EU Scan shows that it is relevant for your organisation to be present in Brussels, a two day visit to the capital of Europe with your board of directors, managing board, management team and public affairs department is a logical next step.

For more information about our other EU-products see: EU Scan and other products (Dutch)